Sound Colony

Prepared By Andrea Polli for isea2012

Sound Colony

Sound Colony functions as an acoustic chamber, a human-scaled portal into the communicative modes that connect the world of the hive with the practice of beekeeping.


Sound Colony functions as an acoustic chamber,  a  human - scaled portal into the communicative modes that connect the world of the hive with the  practice  of  beekeeping.  It references the visionary architecture of R. Buckminster Fuller, whose research into energy and material efficiency was inspired by universally occurring patterns in nature.

Impact & Value

This set moves from the top of the food chain: humans, great apes and other apex species, down to species which comprise the foundation of our ecological systems yet upon which human life also inextricably depends.  The next species examined by the artists in this set is the honeybee.  Colony collapse disorder and other mysterious phenomena have highlighted the important role the pollination of bees plays in the survival of the human species.  Artist Nina DuBois worked with beekeepers to create a hive on the site of the Alvarado Urban Farm in Albuquerque New Mexico during ISEA2012.  The sounds of these bees were sent in real time to an architectural shade structure on the other side of the farm built with re-used materials in a shape inspired by the structures created by bees.  These live sounds were then mixed with the sounds of interviews with beekeepers discussing their relationships with the bees they tend.

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Acknowledgements & Credits


- Nina DuBois, Artist

- Jessie Brown and Phil Remick, Beekeepers

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