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XSEAD is a home for creative projects and collaborations across arts and science. Come to know the growing community creating and innovating across science, engineering, arts and design. Through recommendations, discover and connect with your fellows to collaborate, share and discuss. In the community layer, you’ll find a list of people already involved in the community.


Once you’ve signed up, head over to your account and fill in your profile. This makes sure you are visible within the portal and that other people can find you. From here you’ll also be able to change your password and manage your settings too! Don’t forget to add a list of focus areas so that people can discover you too!

Create, Update, Share

Every week, we'll challenge you to share your latest projects and work. We hope to make the process as much a part of how we talk about our work as the outcome. The platform helps chart the development of work over time and offers multiple opportunities for feedback and critique. To start sharing your process, projects and content, head over to the Organizer.

Explore the Field

The curated section showcases and acknowledges the outstanding work which has influenced our field. Leading organizations and invited curators will share their perspective on exemplary work which demonstrates the value and impact of collaborating across disciplinary bounds. Each curator will present a set of 5 works which presents their perspective on the successes of working across disciplines. Take a look at them now!

Develop Dialog

XSEAD isn’t just about curated perspectives, we want to hear what you think about these works. Tell us what you think about each work which is selected and if you think it is a good example of integrative work. Have your say and post your reactions, ideas and questions through the comments on each work.


There’s lots of readings, conferences, journals, tools, technologies, datasets, events, organizations, creative hubs, that you need to know about. We’ve made it even easier to discover them by collecting them all in one place. Have a look at our resource directory or contribute your suggestions to make them even more relevant.

Help us grow

We want to invite exciting talent from around the world to participate in the network, give us feedback and help us create a platform that works for you and the community. Thats where you come in. Each month, we’ll give you one invite. Think of it like Willy Wonka’s golden ticket - who would you give it to? Choose wisely and when you’ve thought of someone - go ahead and send them an invite!

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