Community / Process Challenges

These are weekly challenges given to the community. One challenge is made available on a Monday with 3 days to complete it. A challenge is selected at random and open for contribution. Any member of the community may contribute to a challenge and collectively it helps us to explore the diverse methods, tools and techniques people employ to negotiate collaboration across arts/science towards the development of integrative works.

Past Challenges

  • In your experience, what is the greatest opportunity found in collaborating beyond traditional disciplinary divides?

    June 06, 2013

    I've invited experts from learning sciences, STEM, and the cultural/contemporary arts to collaborate on a research agenda to merge existing and effective models that will increase interest and motivation among underrepresented ethnic groups with low participation in STEM. There is an opportunity through shared and local knowledge from these groups to create new resources to further the field(s).

  • Wicked problems (e.g. environmental impact, poverty, globalization, health, etc.) often transcend disciplinary bounds. How does your current work connect to grand global challenges?

    May 30, 2013

    Starting in October, Art of Science Learning Incubators for Innovation in San Diego’s Balboa Park, Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry and Worcester’s EcoTarium will bring together 30 cross-disciplinary innovation teams of STEM professionals, artists, educators, business leaders and students. Participants will learn arts-based techniques for generating, transforming, prototyping and communicating creative ideas, which they will apply to civic innovation challenges and the development of new educational projects that integrate the arts into STEM learning. The civic challenges chosen by each community are water resources (San Diego), urban nutrition (Chicago) and transportation alternatives (Worcester).