A living repository housing a community contributed commons of assets, media and code of collective value. This resource layer will 'lift the hood' on the diversity of resources, readings, institutions, tools, events and definitions relevant to integrative activities.

Catagorized Catalog

This section offers a growing archive of useful community resources on art/science topics. This is organized into 18 distinct categories covering areas such as Academic Programs, Curricula + Institutions, Press and Online Articles, Exemplars and Outcomes and Centers, Institutions + Organizations.

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Resources Recombined

Resources don't just have to belong to these categories. Anyone can recombine these assets into a collection, or a group of related resources. These are intended to be sharable assets of broad utility to the community. We're particularly focused on collections which highlight integrative curricula and event retrospectives.

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Living Repository

This catalog consists of over 252 resources. This are carefully selected by a small number of editors to serve the broad art/science community.

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Upcoming Events

To help keep tabs on the latest events, conference calls, and proposal deadlines, the section's Calendar will house a list of current, past and future happenings. Anyone can contribute to it, so feel free to add your suggestions.

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Making Meaning

Syntax collects the key terms which crop up when discussing arts/science collaboration. It aims to cast a fresh light on the variety of meanings they may take on in different contexts, collaborations and disciplines. Help curate a series of possible definitions and meanings for some of these clearly complex terms.

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Contributed Commons

Our goal is to foster a community contributed commons of assets, media and code of collective value. With that in mind, the resource section is open to all to contribute, extend and reuse. We invite you to get involved, make additions and prepare resource collections!

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