Dynamic Earth digital dome museum show


By Donna Cox


12 June 2013

"Dynamic Earth" is a digital museum production that melds together educational, scientific, and entertainment values that are the hallmarks of the planetarium community," says Mike Bruno, co-producer and Spitz creative director. The production is bringing cutting-edge simulation science to hundreds of thousands of audience members through advanced computer graphics techniques that drive an educational narrative. According to Mr. Bruno, "Dynamic Earth" has screened at 69 digital dome venues in 14 countries. A new visualization showing the dramatic evolution of hurricane Katrina, the storm that wreaked havoc along the east coast of the US in August 2005 was created by Advanced Visualization Laboratory. It is featured on the blog New Scientist TV and on the NCSA homepage. The animation is part of a full-length planetarium film called Dynamic Earth which explores the inner workings of the Earth's climate engine.