Contributed by Aisling Kelliher to Residency Programs on 14 May 2013

"The residency program provides unparalleled access to scientific laboratories and tools for open-ended curiosity based research by artists from around the world. Residents practice laboratory work and are trained in scientific and technical knowledge related to their area of research. SymbioticA locates expertise, mediates with collaborators and mentors residents to ensure they make the most of this hands-on approach – collaboratively or independently. The uniqueness of this approach is that it produces actual manifestations of contestable ideas. In assessing projects, we favour artistic research that makes best use of the facilities. Resident researchers and students explore and develop links between the arts and aspects of science, such as techniques, ethics and presentation. Residents may be newcomers to this field or may be accomplished practitioners such as Kathy High, Phil Gamblen, Paul Vanouse, Orlan and the Critical Art Ensemble.  More than 60 residents have come from Australia, United State, United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, Norway, France and Argentina. They have included visual and performance artists, science fiction writers, art historians, political theorists, geographers, scientists and musicians."


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