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Contributed by Aisling Kelliher to Academic Programs, Curricula + Institutions on 14 May 2013

"The MS in HCI is an interdisciplinary program offered collaboratively by three Schools: Interactive Computing; Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC); and Psychology. Students may apply to enter the program through any one of the three participating units, the choice of which usually reflects that student’s intended area of specialization and general background. Students with diverse and eclectic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The MS HCI is a four–semester, 36 credit-hour degree. All students take the same core courses, a set of courses related to their chosen specialization (Computing, Digital Media, or Psychology), a broader set of electives and complete a master’s project. Students complete an internship in the summer after their first year of study. Students interact with fellow students and faculty from these three (and other) specializations, providing the broad base of knowledge and experiences that are so important to successful HCI practitioners."


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