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"The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) is an alliance of the leading U.S. research universities listed below. a2ru’s vision, mission, values, and activities are as follow. VISION Arts and design practices are integral to twenty-first century research universities, which must define and lead change in an increasingly complex global society. MISSION
The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities generates knowledge, advocacy, and resources that enable universities to integrate artists and arts practices, fostering highly adaptive creators and thinkers. VALUES
1. Arts and design practices develop human faculties that are essential to a complete education.
2. Creative collaborations among artists and colleagues across disciplines advance discovery and innovation by unsettling and challenging customary modes of thinking and teaching.
3. Research universities sustain and revitalize the great store of artistic creation, animating new discoveries with the full breadth and wonder of human accomplishment. ACTIVITIES 
1. Establish and pursue a national research agenda to identify, develop, and evaluate the most effective models for making arts and design practices integral to the university.
2. Strategically disseminate all information required to advance a2ru’s mission.
3. Regularly convene partners to advance research and practice, strengthen professional Networks, and build the organization.
4. Establish strategic alliances that enhance a2ru’s reach and impact."

Read more at http://a2ru.org/

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