Scalable city 0.7a

Contributed by Morgan Fritz on 03 Apr 2014

"Sheldon Brown. 2004. Scalable city 0.7a. In Proceedings of the 12th annual ACM international conference on Multimedia (MULTIMEDIA '04). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 989-990. DOI=10.1145/1027527.1027764" The Scalable City is a set of projects that explore the externalization of algorithmic approaches to urbanization that intersect with geographic, political, economic and aesthetic zones of conflict. Version 0.7a of the Scalable City is a multi-media exhibition consisting of various manifestations of landscape demarcation, personal embodiment and domicile transformations. Procedures governing the arrangement and operations of these discrete areas, are interchanged across domains - moving them from a more familiar basis to distorted and exaggerated extremes of patterns and juxtapositions. Through these processes, which reveal the procedural basis of the development of cultural forms, the mechanistic processes of social formation are highlighted. The forum for this version of the work is the US/Mexican border where collisions of cultural forms, political structures, economies and landscape are distinctly overt.


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